Are you struggling?  Stressed?  Exhausted?  

Perhaps you’re an overwhelmed college student, barely keeping your head above water.  Or maybe you’re the parent of a stressed-out student, who lies awake at night worrying about their wellbeing. 


I can help.  Here’s my story…

Since the age of 19, I’ve wanted to be a college professor.  I earned my Ph.D. in 2010 from the University of Tennessee and dove enthusiastically into my first job search.  Unfortunately, I encountered the soul-crushing reality of the academic job market and after four years of unsuccessful searches, I decided to jump ship.

But trials and tribulations are never wasteful.  Grieving the end of my academic career revealed what is at the heart of my love of teaching — helping students succeed.  So I decided to focus on exactly that.

For the past ten years, I’ve served as a lecturer and adjunct professor, teaching hundreds of students.  My time in the classroom made it quite clear to me that many students are heavily burdened and slowly drowning under the weight of expectations, conflicting priorities, and overwhelming stress.  The countless conversations I’ve had with students demonstrated that they’re unprepared to handle the challenges college throws at them.

Not only do students lack the skills to manage mental health challenges, their families lack this information as well.  How can you help your child when he/she is so far away?  How can you be supportive while still encouraging them to grow into responsible adults?  Sometimes it feels like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, as my grandmother used to say.  

I realized students and families desperately need help.  They need support, resources, and guidance to ensure their college experience is happy and healthy.  The desire to provide this assistance and empower students is what led me to create The Peaceful Professor.

The Peaceful Professor’s guiding principles include: Mental health is integral to a happy and productive life. Suffering is not a collegiate rite of passage. Rather, college should be an enriching, fulfilling, and enjoyable experience. The mental health of students is equally important to their success in college as their intellectual and social development. Proactively addressing mental health allows students to thrive and succeed. Parents and other family members play an important role in their student’s college experience. Parents and other family members are partners in their student’s education as well as their mental health.

My goal is to help you successfully navigate the often bumpy road leading from freshman year to graduation.  Along the way, we’ll address common barriers, detours, and nasty potholes that can interfere with students’ health and academic success.  Together, we’ll build a toolbox of skills, resources, and strategies that will improve problem-solving, communication, stress management, and overall wellbeing.

Ready to take that first step towards a happier and healthier college experience?

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Nothing but the facts…

  • B.A. in Communication Studies (2004) from Longwood University in Virginia
  • M.A. in Communication (2006) from Bowling Green State University in Ohio
  • Ph.D. in Communication & Information (2010) from The University of Tennessee
  • Completion of the Wellcoaches Core Coach Training Program (2017)